Boarding Philosophy

Room To Ride believes a healthy and happy horse makes for a better companion. As such, we strive to achieve balance within and maintain the well-being of every horse boarded here. One way we do this is through a daily routine that provides each horse with consistency, stability, and comfort. We too realize that each horse is unique, and so R2R is willing to work with owners and horses to accommodate all reasonable needs. Our primary objective is to ensure that all horses boarded at Room To Ride are happy and healthy.

Daily Feedings

Room To Ride endeavors to get each horse to a healthy weight, and once there, maintain that weight. Our feeding program is thus tailored to meet each horse’s dietary needs, which may change depending on the season and the horse’s level of activity. Therefore, we work with the horse owner to determine a suitable weight, and then closely monitor for any weight changes to assess if more or less feed need be distributed. Standardly, horses are given 3 feedings of hay (morning, afternoon, and evening), and 2 feedings of a low carbohydrate, 12% protein pellet feed (morning and afternoon). However, the volumes of each are entirely customizable and dependent on the dietary needs of the horse.

For horses needing something additional, like supplements, Room To Ride will work with owners to administer any owner-provided supplements.


Each horse boarded at Room To Ride has its own 12' x 10' stall featuring an automatic, heated waterer; a hay and grain horse feeder, and rubber stall mats over which are piled wood shavings. Stalls are thoroughly cleaned every day (even on holidays) to limit odors and discourage insects. Importantly, every horse deserves a clean stall in which to stay.

Horses are stalled during morning, afternoon, and evening feedings to prevent competition with other horses and to monitor how much food each horse consumes.

Weather permitting, horses are hand-walked to turn-out style paddocks to allow them to stretch, exercise, and play with other horses.

Farrier & Vet Visits

Room To Ride recognizes that it takes a team of experts to keep a horse healthy and sound. As a result, R2R relies on the preferred services of an equine veterinarian whose practice is conveniently located 5 miles from the barn, and a horse farrier that consistently does a superior job at trimming and keep the horse’s hooves sound. Boarders are encouraged to use these preferred vendors, although, boarders are more than welcome to use an alternate vet and farrier.

Boarding Rate

Board is $400 per month for the first 6 months, if signing a 6-month contract. At the end of the 6-months, board reverts to a monthly contract at the prevailing rate. Alternatively, board is $450 per month, if initially choosing a month-to-month contract option.

Payment is due at the first of each month, and may be mailed or placed in drop boxes conveniently located near the restroom and in the seating area of the indoor arena. Room To Ride only accepts cash or check.

Barn Hours

Room To Ride believes that the best part of owning a horse is being able to interact with it whenever you want. For this reason, the barn and facilities are never closed. Come as often as you like, and stay for as long as you like. We hope you always enjoy spending quality time with your horse!

Additional and Other Services

During colder months, R2R will put on/ take off horse blankets at no extra charge. Boarders are expected to provide a horse blanket, at their expense, if they choose to blanket their horse.

Have a horse and a trailer? Not a problem! Trailer parking is free to boarders.

Have a question about a service not mentioned? Please contact us! We will do our best to promptly respond to all inquiries and accommodate all reasonable needs.


Plenty of space to ride and spend time with your horse...

Room To Ride offers a range of basic ammenities to boarders, including a tack room, a restroom with running hot & cold water, and washer & dryer.

CoverAll Indoor Arena

A curious indoor areana...

Straying from a conventional metal barn, Room To Ride chose a CoverAll building to be R2R's indoor arena. As promised, it is truly warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer in this building. Additionally, its fabric exterior permits natural lighting as long as the sun is out and helps to muffle the sound of rain against the building during a thunder storm. Communication between horse and rider and instructor and rider, even during a thunderstorm, remains crisp and clear. Taking a lesson in this building is a treat!

We at Room To Ride are happy with our choice. This distinctive building is functionally pleasing and aesthetically surprising. It is the first commercial indoor arena that CoverAll has installed in Indiana. Being one of a kind in the area also makes us easy to find. Simply look for the green and yellow building!

Trying to erect our CoverAll building took months of planning and coordination. We hope you enjoy this video of how it became a 2.5 story marvel!

"Room To Ride strives to maintain the well-being of every horse boarded here"

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