Colors of Riding (COR)


Each saddle pad recognizes a specific COR achievement

Colors of Riding

COR = Colors of Riding

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Colors of Riding (COR), a program unique to Room To Ride. COR represents a novel approach to teaching horse riding lessons by giving students the practical tools and theoretical knowledge to ride a horse knowledgably and safely.

COR Levels

COR is divided into 3 tiers – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Intermediate – with each tier divided into 3 levels, all of which are represented by a saddle pad of a specific color. This allows for a logical and steady progression as students learn more about riding a horse. Each tier and level builds upon the previous – very much like stairs – so that by the time the student reaches the top, s/he can instinctually react and intuitively use the correct “tools” to ride successfully through any situation.


As students progress through COR, they will be given the option to test for the successful completion of their current level and proceed to the next level. Testing is divided into 2 portions: written and riding. Passing is defined as receiving a 70% or better on both portions combined. Individuals will receive a saddle pad with their name embroidered on it to celebrate their accomplishments. Dates for testing will be announced in advanced and usually spaced 90 days apart.

Whether you are new to riding horses or have been riding horses for several years, COR’s curriculum is designed to accommodate any individual’s age or level of experience. Our staff at Room To Ride will help to suggest a tier and level that best suits your ability. However, you always have the option of testing at a different tier and level whether it is higher or lower than what was suggested. Be careful, though, because you must successfully pass that level’s test to advance to the next tier and level.

COR is a unique program that we, at Room To Ride, hope will give students a fuller understanding of the Hunter/ Jumper riding discipline, and fuel each student’s interest in horses. Riding horses is hard work, but it is also rewarding work.

Equestrian riding is an activity requiring tremendous skill and talent. Through COR, we at Room To Ride have condensed these skills into a logical format to track the student’s progress and allow the student to set goals towards what she/he wants to achieve. Below, is a list of skills that each rider must know and be able to demonstrate in order to pass his/her respective level and advance to the next level. Furthermore, as horse riding builds upon skills previously learned, some skills may appear randomly on future exams.


Exams are divided into two sections: written and riding. Written tests will be taken at Room To Ride. Riding tests will be performed on the horse of the student’s choice. Skills listed below may be tested on either or both forms of testing. In order to advance to the next level, students must pass both written and riding portions with a combined score of 70% or better. Good luck!

Lastly, this page contains resources to assist in your studying for the written exam and to help reinforce some of the ideas and vocabulary you may be learning in your lessons. A reference manual can be found to the right. A series of worksheets with answers can be found below to help you practice and build your horse riding knowledge. However, the best way to truly learn this material is repetition and by making your own worksheets.

For some levels, additional information labeled "Supplementary Material" has been provided. In most cases, this information is extraneously and offers miscellanious horse trivia. However, some of this information may be worth browsing. It may explain a horse concept that you find confusing in a more comprehensible manner.

If you have any questions, comments, or if something just doesn't make sense, please talk to us! Or, email us (! COR is about empowering our lesson students to ride with confidence and speak knowledgeably about most things equine-related.

Beginner Level 1

Worksheet Answer Key
Basic Grooming Tools Answers
Horse Coloring (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Beginner Level 2

Worksheet Answer Key
Bridle Anatomy Answers
Saddle Anatomy Answers

Beginner Level 3

Worksheet Answer Key
Saddle Anatomy 2 Answers

Intermediate Level 1

Worksheet Answer Key
Bridle Anatomy 2 Answers
Saddle Anatomy 3 Answers
Leg Markings Answers

Intermediate Level 2

Worksheet Answer Key
Horse Anatomy Answers

Intermediate Level 3

Worksheet Answer Key
Bridle Anatomy 3 Answers
Horse Anatomy 2 Answers

Advanced Intermediate Level 1

Worksheet Answer Key
Horse Anatomy Answers

Advanced Intermediate Level 2

Worksheet Answer Key
Horse Conformation Answers

Advanced Intermediate Level 3

Worksheet Answer Key

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