Horse Lessons

Room to Ride offers Hunter/ Jumper riding instruction to Beginner and Intermediate riders. Students are taught to understand and feel the horse as she/he rides in order to foster a partnership between horse and rider. Students are also taught basic horsemanship skills, such as how to groom and tack a horse and safely lead a horse while on the ground. These too are skills that strengthen the partnership between horse and rider.

Lessons Overview

Students are expected to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled lesson to allow for sufficient time to groom and saddle the horse. Afterwards, students spend 5 – 10 minutes warming up the horse before proceeding with their 30 minutes of private instruction. At the end of the lesson, students spend 5 – 15 minutes cooling down the horse, although this time may be longer depending on how hard both horse and rider worked in the lesson. Once cool, students dismount from the horse and spend 15 minutes untacking and grooming the horse. Most importantly, riders may spend an additional few minutes give their horse some well-deserved treats and visiting some of the other horses in the barn. In total, a trip to the barn may take 90 minutes.

Suggested Apparel

For individuals new to riding and taking their first few lessons, we recommend wearing close-toed shoes with a heel and long pants/ jeans to cover the student’s legs.

For more experienced individuals who are serious about riding, we strongly encourage students to invest in a good pair of riding boots, several pairs of breeches, and riding gloves. Depending on if paddock or field boots are purchased, half chaps may also be recommended. These items represent a significant investment, but are more than worth it.

Some great places to find these items are listed below. Please note that Room To Ride does not endorse any particular brand or company and is not affiliated with any of the proceeding companies.


Riding lessons at Room To Ride Equestrian Center, Inc. (R2R) are scheduled in advance of the lesson, and are performed 1-on-1 with an instructor. To schedule a lesson, contact R2R either by email Manager@Room2RideInc.com or call (317) 770-7754. R2R will endeavor to find a mutually agreeable day and time for a recurring weekly or bi-weekly lesson.

R2R requires every ‘first lesson’ to be pre-paid in order for the lesson to be scheduled. The lesson may be pre-paid by providing your credit card information to R2R for processing. The card will be charged $47 (includes a $2 processing fee).

Scheduling your first lesson constitutes performance by Room To Ride, on your behalf. Your pre-paid and scheduled lesson is NOT refundable.

R2R schedules recurring weekly or bi-weekly lessons. R2R does not perform just one lesson. Lessons missed as a violation of the R2R Payment and Cancellation Policy will be charged $47 to the credit card on file.

Riding lessons at Room To Ride Equestrian Center, Inc. (R2R) must be remitted at the time of service or earlier. Each lesson is $45, if paid by cash or check. Lessons are $47, if paid by credit card. Any student with a negative account balance may be denied service and/or scheduling of services.

R2R requires notification of all riding lesson schedule changes in advance of the scheduled lesson. • Schedule changes and cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance will be accommodated at no charge. • Schedule changes and cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a forfeit (for COR students) or a $47 charge for the missed lesson to the card listed below for all other students. A student will forfeit the right to schedule should she/he not call or show to her/his last scheduled lesson.

Required Forms

Before your first lesson, please print and complete the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and Payment and Cancellation Policies Notice. These signed forms are required before you may interact with any of the lesson horses.

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Payment & Cancellation Policies

First Lesson Payment Policy


Colors of Riding

COR = Colors of Riding

Colors of Riding (COR) is an optional program unique to Room To Ride. It represents a novel approach to teaching horseback riding lessons by giving students the practical tools and theoretical knowledge to be able to ride a horse safely and effectively.

COR is divided into 3 tiers – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Intermediate – with each tier divided into 3 levels, all of which are represented by a saddle pad of a specific color. This allows for a logical and steady progression as students learn more about riding a horse. Each tier and level builds upon the previous – very much like a pyramid – so that by the time the student reaches the top, she/he can instinctually react and intuitively use the correct “tools” to ride successfully through any situation.

As students progress through COR, they will be given the option to test for the successful completion of their current level and proceed to the next level. Testing is divided into 2 portions: written and riding. Passing is defined as receiving a 70% or better on both portions combined. Individuals will receive a saddle pad with their name embroidered on it to celebrate their accomplishments.

COR is a unique program that we, at Room To Ride, hope will give students a fuller understanding of the Hunter/ Jumper riding discipline, and fuel each student's interest in horses. Riding horses is hard work, but it is also rewarding work.


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